Antibufala mini: trovata vita extraterrestre nell’atmosfera? No

In breve: no, non è stata trovata vita extraterrestre nell’alta atmosfera della Terra su un pallone di ricerca. È il solito Chandra Wickramasinghe, che vede vita aliena dappertutto e che pubblica il solito articolo sul Journal of Cosmology, che non è una rivista scientifica ma fa finta di esserlo. Dettagli su Slate (in inglese) grazie a Phil Plait.


Lo stato del 4G in Svizzera


The 4G pilot project, which has been running since December 2011 in seven tourist regions and 11 Swisscom Shops, is a total success […] Swisscom is now in an optimum position to equip the network with cutting-edge 4G technology and provide an ultra-high-speed mobile customer experience as early as the end of 2012 not only in these tourist areas, but also in twelve towns and cities. Swisscom will begin to roll out the technology across the country in 2013.

[…] the project is to be extended by the addition of parts of Berne and Zurich, continued until the end of the year and then flow seamlessly into the introduction of 4G on the Swisscom mobile network. Customers gain access to the ultra-high-speed network as a pilot offer for CHF 19 per week or CHF 60 per month. The offer is available in the Swisscom Shops.

[…] Swisscom will provide 4G in twelve Swiss towns and cities from December 2012, with the nationwide rollout getting under way as early as 2013 […] UL: max. 50 Mbps and DL: max. 150 Mbps.

Swisscom demonstrates 4G mobile communications technology LTE in Grenchen (ottobre 2010) ha altre info. Niente LTE 4G per iPad nuovo in Svizzera, secondo, con elenco delle offerte degli operatori (marzo 2012).

Come ti frego l’antivirus

So how does malware evade detection when starting new rogue processes? Easy—it directly attacks the operating system’s kernel […] The Windows OS internally maintains an array of callback objects with the starting address of PspCreateProcessNotifyRoutine. […] Unsurprisingly, we have discovered malware that uses this implementation by accessing the PspCreateProcessNotifyRoutine (internal pointer) in order to remove all registered callbacks. Once the malware has removed the AV security suite callbacks, it is free to create and terminate processes at will without any pesky security software interference […] And that’s it. The rest of this exploit is trivial. Just walk the PspCreateProcessNotifyRoutine pointer and NULL out all callback objects… Any enterprise or consumer security suite that uses this technique for monitoring process activity can be easily circumvented—a big win for the malware authors.

– da How Advanced Malware Bypasses Process Monitoring,